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Solid surface is a material made up of different mineral loads and acrylic resins. Davinia has its own solid surface material available for its clients. But, also, when speaking about solid surface we must speak about the countertops from Corian ®, from the Dupont group; a well known international brand.

As such, one of the patented materials by Dupont is the Corian® solid surface, a compound used a lot in interior design, especially in kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks… In particular, it is made up of a third of acrylic resin and two thirds of natural minerals.

Among the advantages of this material, we highlight the possibility of making countertops without joints or connections, and in a very varied colour palette. Additionally, they are very resistant and durable countertops, and very easy to clean and maintain. We should also highlight that they are renewable and environmentally friendly, as they can be repaired.

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